Change of Perspective Young Media Gathering 09

CoP 09 was a international meeting of film interested people organized by film interested people. From 31st of July to 2nd to August the Area of Wukania in Biesenthal turned into a hive of film makers. Over 60 people joined the meeting. Arriving from France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and all over Germany people merged into Change of Perspective. Involving people with a broad variety of backgrounds like pupils, students, trainees and professionals provided a fruitful ground for technical discussions. Additional different cultural imprints stimulated discussions on artistic topics. The program program.pdf.
of CoP was developed and fleshed out by its participants. Experienced film makers offered workshops on basic topics like lighting and sound. Further participants set up several work stations allowing fellow participants to gather experiences in blue boxing and stop motion techniques. Next to this aspects participants introduced and discussed their approaches to the media film. In this process over 30 films were screened and passionately discussed. Last but not least the participants exchanged on their experiences in obtaining equipment and funding for their film projects. While this energetic meeting of CoP09 many new projects spawned and are developing right now. In the discussion about cooperative perspectives the Kino network was introduced and embraced as a suitable framework for continuous cooperation.
For details on this eclectic network check cinema-network and find a cell in your vicinity. Main events are Kinocabarets where network members meet and franticly produce short films. If this sounds interesting but you have missed the gathering and wonder how to organize one by yourself, contact us and we will support you with our knowledge and contacts. After all CoP was only possible trough the support of our many partners. We thank the Youth in Action Program youth in action of the European Union which granted major Funding, Wukania e.V. „Wukania - in german“ for providing a delightful location, the community of Biesenthal and many other people.